AIMS Glossary lists selected technical terms used in this website and also within the information management field. The purpose of the AIMS Glossary is to collect "technical" concepts used in the agricultural information management context and to provide definitions and to link them to a set of resources free accessible on the Web for more information.

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    Bibliometrics is the branch of library and information science concerned with the application of mathematical and statistical analysis to bibliography. Bibliometrics involves the statistical...

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    Altmetrics are alternative ways of recording and measuring the use and impact of scholarship. Rather than solely counting the number of times a work is cited in scholarly literature, alternative...

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    Scholarly Communication

    Scholarly Communication stands for the creation, transformation, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge related to teaching, research, and scholarly endeavors; the process of academics,...

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    Embargo period

    An embargo period is a length of time imposed on a research output for users who have not paid for access, or do not have institutional access, before it is made freely available. (Source:...

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    Institutional Repository

    An online database designed to collect the intellectual output of a particular institution or university, including digital collections such as electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs), pre...

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    Open Source Software (OSS)

    Open Source Software (OSS) stands for an available source code for a piece of software, that can be reused, adapted, and further distributed along with an open source license. (Source: ...