AIMS Glossary lists selected technical terms used in this website and also within the information management field. The purpose of the AIMS Glossary is to collect "technical" concepts used in the agricultural information management context and to provide definitions and to link them to a set of resources free accessible on the Web for more information.

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    a new way of conducting scientific research by the creation of a new environment for academic and industrial research in which virtual communities have shared access to unique or distributed...

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    Web Ontology Language (OWL)

    OWL is intended to provide a language that can be used to describe the classes and relations between them that are inherent in Web documents and applications. (W3C)

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    an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers, reaching...

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    Big Data

    a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. The challenges include...

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    To deposit a digital document in a publicly accessible website, preferable an OAI compliant repository.  [Resource: E-prints] 

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    Gathering of programmers to collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time, usually a few days, generally no longer than a week.