Using Open Data (from joint GODAN Action e-learning course on Open Data)

The free GODAN e-learning course on Open Data and Research Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition focuses on how to deal with different types of data formats and uses, and on the importance of reliability, accessibility, interoperability and transparency of data 

This course is enriched by a number of Webinars designed to strengthen the course content, and to give course participants broader perspective in the relevant Open Data areas.

The GODAN Action team will offer similar programmes later in the year (2018). 

The Webinar "Using Open Data" was presented by Dave Tarrant (*) from the Open Data Institute (ODI). The presenter:

  • delivered a great talk on Discovering Open Data - - Data Quality & Provenance - - Data Analysis & Visualisation - - Open Data in policy cycles - - Referencing data;
  • allowed participants to create interactive environments with questions and discussions.

The session also visited some elements (Who? Where? What? When?) necessary to establish Trust in Data, presented several free power tools for cleaning data, and showed how Open Data helps every stage of the Policy Cycle



Presenter: Dr David Tarrant - Learning Skills Lead at The ODI

P.S. "More data is always more useful if you know what to do with it", - Data Sharing is Not Open Data (ODI)

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