OpenAGRIS 0.9 released: new functionalities, resources & look

The AGRIS team has released OpenAGRIS 0.9, a new version of the Web application that aggregates information from different Web sources to expand the AGRIS knowledge, providing as much data as possible about a topic or a bibliographical resource within the agricultural domain.

OpenAGRIS 0.9 contains new functionalities and resources, and received a new interface in English and Spanish, with French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian translations on their way.

Mission: To make information on agricultural research globally available, interlinked with other data resources (e.g. DBPedia, World Bank, Geopolitical Ontology, FAO fisheries dataset, AGRIS serials dataset etc.) following Linked Open Data principles, allowing users to access the full text of a publication and all the information the Web holds about a specific research area in the agricultural domain (1).

OpenAGRIS 0.9: Major Changes


  • FAO header with language bar
  • Search bar (Facebook/Freebase like)
  • Charts with Statistics
  • Option to cut very long abstracts (expand/reduce button)


  • The interface has been completely translated in the six official UN languages. Then, since AGRIS contains multilingual records and also AGROVOC has terms in up to 22 languages, the application is able to automatically extract from the triplestore the information in the selected language (English is the default).
  • Google Translator in the mashup page
  • Google +1 button

Added Sources

Screenshot: OpenAGRIS search result based on AGRIS article "Row arrangement in cassava-peanut intercropping"


More information: "OpenAGRIS Linked Data,"AGRIS


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