OBDA Semantika 1.2 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of Semantika 1.2! OBDA Semantica allows Relational to RDF Mapping and Transparent Data Access for SPARQL over SQL Databases. The highlights of the new version are: 
  • Support "rr:datatype" attribute in the mapping file to override the underlying SQL column's type, 
  • Support SPARQL filter expression to use some builtin functions: BOUND, LANG and REGEX. 
What is Semantika?
Semantika is a middleware API for your database system that will enable seamless query execution using SPARQL (instead of usual SQL). No data replication or prior data migration to triple storage is required. Semantika also provides query reasoning over OWL ontology.
For more information http://obidea.github.io/semantika-api/

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