Wikiversity School of Agriculture

Wikiversity contains learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university.

Wikiversity summarized

  • It is a Wikimedia Foundation project.
  • Its community is devoted to collaborative learning.
  • It currently contains 18,189 learning resources
  • Everybody can add learning resources, edit pages and also add links to existing internet resources.
  • Its scope is to create open educational resources and collaborative learning communities.
  • It uses wiki software to make collaboration easy.

Browse learning resources

The resources are categorized and thus browsable by one of the following six categories:

Wikiversity School of Agriculture

To find resources on agriculture, browse by "Schools" and select the academic area "Agriculture". This will bring you to the Wikiversity "School of Agriculture" homepage from where you can browse the available resources by subfield, called departments, e.g. Forestry, Organic agriculture, Sustainable rural development etc.

Getting involved

Wikiversity, being a Wikimedia Foundation project, is a powerful tool to share knowledge through, but in the the field of Agriculture not many resources are available yet. To become involved and improve content, create a course or join a learning project, visit the Getting involved page.

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