The AIMS Community is organised into Groups of Interest with each group focusing on one of the initiatives that are ongoing within the framework of AIMS. As an AIMS member one can choose to subscribe to open Groups of Interests, to follow, participate and share in the respective discussions of the chosen group(s).

In order to join a Group of interest, you must be already registered and logged-in on the website. After you have done so successfully, you may join one or more of the groups listed down below. Note some groups are open (by subscription) while others are closed (by invitation only).

  • AgriDrupal

    Community of Practice for discussing AgriDrupal rationale, specifications and implementations. It is also intended for sharing information among communities of practice beyond AIMS working on...

    111 topics
  • AgriOcean DSpace

    The AgriOcean Dspace group of interest set-up for all institutions that would like to install AgriOcean DSpace or are interested in the repository software and want to post comments or simply have...

    108 topics

    AGRIS Community of Practice to discuss and collaborate among people involved or interested in the AGRIS Initiative and in particular the AGRIS Repository and Search Engine.AGRIS ...

    124 topics

    Community of Practice to discuss the developments of AGROVOC from a classical thesaurus to a concept scheme.

    170 topics
  • AIMS Consultative Group

    Created at the beginning of 2012, the AIMS Consultative Group provides to the AIMS editorial team with feedback and guidance on technical improvements, outreach activities and new services. The...

    4 topics
  • AIMS Editorial Team

    The purpose of this group is to coordinate the AIMS Editorial team's work. It is comprised of all editors for AIMS Language versions and core team in FAO, Rome.

    1 topic

    The Content Management Task Force (CMTF) addresses priority actions in the field of content management and information sharing.The CMTF works in the context of the Coherence in Information for...

    63 topics
  • General Information

    All users that join AIMS become automatically a member of this community and receive by mail the latest news published on AIMS. 

    345 topics
    Public group
  • Metadata

    The Metadata Group of Interest focusses on recommendations to assure quality in the creation, management and exchange of metadata, especially available on, but also outside, AIMS. Here you can...

    302 topics
  • Open Access

    With the objective to facilitate the sharing of news, case studies and ideas, the Open Access Group of Interest includes information management specialists that work on the promotion of the...

    367 topics