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Taxonomy of Enterprise Knowledge Management Types/Categories

The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) has published a Taxonomy of Enterprise Knowledge Management Types. The taxonomy lists terms that are most important to Information Technology (IT) Organizations, IT Professionals, and Knowledge Management Professionals who support or provide services to enterprises.

The taxonomy…
  • Includes approximately 1,000 KM Categories,
  • Aligns directly with Enterprise Service Types/Categories,
  • Doubles as a controlled vocabulary,
  • Can be used to identify and prioritize key areas of enterprise knowledge,
  • Can be used as a baseline template for measuring and assessing different types of knowledge maturity & completeness, and
  • Is constantly reviewed, improved and grows as new categories are defined.
Feedback and/ or ideas to the improvements of this taxonomy are welcome
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24 Mar 2014
Michiel Schoenmakers

how to bring in line with Agridrupal?

Very usefull and welcome set of taxonomies.

I am using Agridrupal, and wanted to integrate/was searching for vocabularies covering quality management terms. After all, most farms, traders and food processors are enterprises, but very limited enterprise terminology to be found in Agrovoc.

How would I use one of more of IF4IT taxonomies within Agridrupal? Can I import the vocabularies. Would it be possible to line up with Agrotagger?

24 Mar 2014
Antonella Picarella

Hi Michiel, In Agridrupal it

Hi Michiel,

In Agridrupal it is possible to import vocabularies ,

but we should verify if it is possible to get this taxonomy in a compatible format with Agridrupal.

I have already sent an email to IF4IT, let's see what they reply.

Regarding to line up with Agrotagger , we are now collaborating with ALCALA' to create a new service of Agrotagger that it will be more flexible and so we can also think to integrate it with other vocabularies.

Now I can not tell anything about the timing of implementation, but we will post something on AIMS as soon as we have news.

Thank you