CSWB/VocBench used for Authority Control of Bibliographical Data

Work Overview December 2010-June 2011 (Sarah Dister)

Tasks executed:

  • Finished cleaning up the migrated bibliographic headings coming from FAOdoc and CDR. 
3,536 concepts for Corporate Bodies were created
586 of them linked to FAOTerm;
1,695 contained a relationship isPart Of;
62 were identified as obsolete.
Homonyms were disambiguated by consulting external information resources, however, they are still present in 250 cases:
6,247 concepts for Conference Sessions were created;
4,222 concepts for Conference Series were created.
2,140 concepts for projects have been created.
303 concepts for journals were created (13 of them are multilingual)
1,324 concepts for series were created
  • Created FAO Authority Description Concept Scheme community
  • Finished Guidelines Creating Concepts in the CSWB. Published on AIMS (FAO Authority Description Concept Scheme community).
  • Ilaria Fava added all DOAJ journals related to agriculture and related sciences missing in the CSWB. The work was done in the following order:
Fava introduced the concepts in a specific order:
1.)    All the countries that are listed in the DOAJ dataset and not present in the Country list in the Journal Ontology
2.)    All the corporate bodies that are listed in the DOAJ dataset and not present in the Corporate Bodies Ontology
3.)    The new records in the Corporate Bodies Ontology to be introduced as well in the Corporate list in the Journal Ontology
4.)    The DOAJ Journals
I checked and validated the new elements added to the system. Number? more or less 300 pages (10 actions each) to validate.
  • Support JAD release
  • Communication with DOAJ and FAO library
  • Added to Vocbench on a monthly basis the newly created authority headings in FAOdoc by FAOdoc cataloguers
  • Updated VocBench with journal concepts added to DOAJ from Jan-May 2011. Number: 40 journal title and 40 corporate body concepts and their attributes and relations.

* The CSWB for bibliographical data was updated to Vocbench version 1.0 on the 27th of June 2011


  • Training/presentation of VocBench to library (planned once FAO OA is released)
  • JAD communication
  • Integration of AGRIS list of journals into JAD
  • Update VocBench with newly created concepts by FAOTERM 


FAO Journal Authority Data Collection (JAD):

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