Meetings and Presentation at Cornell

I started my  visit to various US Institutions yesterday with my arrival at Cornell in Ithaca.

  • Discussion with John Ferreira on the RING
    • -Future role of the RING. When providers register their service on the RING they should automatically geta wrapper that extracts Triples from their system to the Infrastructure.
    • RING will be the central switchpoint for information providers and service developers
    • there has to be a human service around the RING that interacts with service providers when registering their service
    • Migration Part to Drupal 7 necessary
  • HARVEST: a Fedora Commons Drupal project on metadata
  • Meeting with VIVO team
    • - I met with the VIVO team to discuss the state of VIVO and the possibilities of collaboration.   After the 13 million grant VIVO got through the NIH, VIVO is quickly expanding (during the project more than 100 people were working on VIVO). To recap: VIVO is an ontology based system to link people in Science together and to find and track expertise.  At the basis of VIVO is an Ontology, which classes and properties have been defined by the VIVO team and which is populated through various mechanisms: direct linking of VIVO to databases, data harvesting, intervention of  of Scientist themselves through specific interfaces.  VIVO has now installations in various Universities outside the USA, 2 in China, IICA expressed interest to use it.
    • Also VIVO has implemented SOLR indexes on different VIVO triple stores
    • I have VIVO presentation which I got from Elly Cramer, which is actually to heavy to attach it to the post, but which explains VIVO quite well.
    • They are working on a national VIVO landing site in Drupal
    • I think that VIVO should become one of the main tools, which we are promoting. It connects very well to AgriDrupal and has an architecture that just fits into our overall concept.  It will be very interesting to do the authordisambiguation from AGRIS, publish our author URIs and then linke then to VIVO.  VIVO by itself is very interested in using our Journal URIs and they are looking forward that we are publishing the  list.
    • VIVO is using extensively the geopolitical Ontology
    • The VIVO grant is finishing in August, but there is now a strong openSource developer community around VIVO
  • There is a very interesting Map module for Drupal from Development Seeds, are we using that?
  • - Friday morning I had my presentation on CIARD and a Linked Open Data Infrastructure (will put this presentation online this afternoon). Around 30 people showed up, not only from Mann Library. Among them also the Dean of Library IT services, who is responsible for all Library IT services at Cornell. Also Dianne Hillmann was present. I got some comments in writing from her regarding the AGROVOC LOD.  I will now have a meeting with Mary Ochs, Director of Mann Library
  • - Lunch with Mary Ochs (director of Library) and Jon Corson (Leader VIVO project). Mary is committed to support CIARD, but ways have to be found to do it more efficient and to get it mainstream into Cornells activities. Mary supports John's further involvement into the CIARD CMTF activities as long this is in line with his work at Cornell.  Cornell has no repository for the publications of the staff in agriculture science, so many other Land Grant Universities don't have.  A project idea could be to set up a nation wide agricultural open archive, sponsored morally by the CIARD initiative and AGRIS.  Other possibilities to make common grant proposals should be explored. During the AGNIC meeting the involvement of NAL into this should be discussed with Simon Liu.
  • «to be checked out:,  VUE applicaton»
  • Project Idea: creating a USDA openArchive with integration of AGRIS and VIVO through a LOD strategy. This project would invest in the further development of AgriOceanDspace as a producer of LOD. Mary will discuss this with Simon Liu
  • Vivo needs immediately our IAD list. We have to check out Science metrics in Montreal and their 20,000 Journals. CrossRef has made DOIs available as LOD
  • TEAL: Teal is still maintained with funds from the Rockefeller foundation. Teal needs to Re-Index part of the content. We tried with great success the MIMOS implementation on a long CTA document (20 MByte) sent to KL and got back 10 very decent AGROVOC URIs as content description.  The teal responsible person wants the implementation of AgroTagger into Teal and will ask Mary to make John working on this.

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