28 June, 2018: Join free Webinar on Strategies for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) National Reporting

(The SDG National Reporting Initiative


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in 2015, - are a historic commitment to take on the world’s most pressing and intractable problems. Through the SDGs, UN Member States have agreed to address poverty, hunger, gender equityclimate change,  andother global issues and to make major progress by the year 2030.

Data requirements for reporting on the SDGs represent an unprecedented opportunity for countries around the world to track and evaluate their progress. SDG reporting refers to the act of publishing and disseminating data and statistics on the SDG indicators for key stakeholders, including UN custodian agencies, government policymakers, businesses, non-governmental organizations and research institutions, and the general public.

There are many options for national reporting on the SDGs to meet the needs of different countries. The SDG National Reporting Initiative provides information to governments and international organizations to help them better understand key policy and technical considerations for SDG reporting.

During the webinar, the presentation on Strategies for SDG National Reporting will provide an overview of current progress towards SDG reporting, strategic considerations, existing approaches and the benefits they provide, as well as country experiences from different regions around the world.


All registrants will receive a link to the recording - please register even if you cannot attend the live event.

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Katarina Rebello is Director of Programs at the Center for Open Data Enterprise where she oversees federal and international programs.

Caleb Rudow is a Research Fellow at the Center for Open Data Enterprise where he and works on the SDG National Reporting Initiative.

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* Presentation: Tracking Sustainable Development Goals on the road to 2030 – 159th Session FAO Council SIDE Event from FAO

Policy coherence for sustainable development 2018. This report applies the institutional, analytical and monitoring elements of the “policy coherence for sustainable development” framework to identify challenges and opportunities facing governments as they move to implement the SDGs, both at the national and global levels. (Paris, 234 pp.)

* Read on here how Research4Life programme provides access to peer-reviewed content and contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals


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