AGRIS Communication Update

The AGRIS, the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology, is taking steps to improve the flow of communication between current and potential stakeholders as well as users, as the database continues to grow. 

Currently, the AGRIS mailbox receives a large amount of inquiries on a daily basis. To ensure that all inquiries are responded to in a fast and efficient way, new, easy to fill forms have been created. All current and potential stakeholders are encouraged to continue to email inquiries to the [email protected] mailbox, and will receive an auto reply with all of the available forms.



There are specific forms that have been generated for all different types of inquiries. The forms take less than one minute to fill out and will ensure that your inquiry is responded to quickly. A full list of forms are below:

If you are interested in becoming an AGRIS data provider, this form is available.

If you need assistance submitting metadata to AGRIS, this form is available.

If you need assistance updating your data in AGRIS, this form is available.

If you would like to know if or when your data was released on AGRIS, this form is available.

If you are interested in receiving more regular communication about AGRIS, or are interested in joining the AGRIS mailing list, this form is available.

If you have general inquiries, this form is available.

There is also a lot of general information available at

More about AGRIS

The AGRIS platform provides free access to more than 12 million records of publications in the area of food and agriculture in nearly 90 different languages. It facilitates access to reference books, journal articles, monographs, book chapters, datasets and grey literature ­­- including unpublished scientific and technical reports, theses, dissertations and conference papers.

The scientific information and data in AGRIS are used by an average of 600,000 users worldwide every month - and the number of partners continues to grow. AGRIS is also indexed and made accessible via Google Scholar, extending global access to scientific information and data.

More than 500 institutions including research centers, academic institutions, publishers, governmental bodies, development programmes, international and national organizations from 150 countries are currently contributing to AGRIS.

By participating in AGRIS, organizations’ publications are helping to bridge the access gap for scientific literature, exposing it to an international audience through the wide distribution of AGRIS.


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