AGRIS : deploying Continuous Improvements

Have you been on the AGRIS platform lately? If you have been you will notice a number of changes are happening!

AGRIS Team is slowly making changes and renewal to the AGRIS platform and the results pages.

Refine search: - The changes include the ‘refine your search appearing on the left side of the search results page.

This allows users to sort, and play around with their results. It also allows users to refine their search using various AGROVOC descriptors.

Ordering the results: – This allows you to order the results, either ascending or descending.

Multilingual search: - You can also enable or disable multi- lingual search functionality. This allows you to carry out multilingual search. See this blog for more information.

Why not visit the AGRIS search and play around and lets us know your experience?

Look at this screen shot below and notice some of these changes:

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