ANN: VB 2.2.1 release: a few bugfixes and full compatibility with (any version of) GraphDB!

Dear VocBenchers,

a quick update to the recent 2.2 !

This 2.2.1 update includes a few bugfixes and a big improvement: full compatibility with GraphDB (formerly OWLIM), any version.

Actually, the compatibility is extended to all those sesame compliant triplestores which, contrarily from Sesame internal stores, do not duplicate triples in the inferred null context. Previously we suggested to use a particular configuration of OWLIM-SE to enable its use in VocBench. Now you can adopt any reasoning level (from RDFS to OWL-RL, we suggest OWL-Horst) and can use a remote connection to any of the GraphDB distributions: Lite, Std or Enterprise. Read the note at the end of this email for learning how to setup such a connection.

Here’s the changeLog

-          Improvement:

o   includes updated sesame2 OntologyManager compatible with triple stores which do not copy triples from all named graphs into the inferred defaultgraph (e.g. OWLIM/GraphDB)

  •        -         Bugfixes:

o   pointer error when adding a concept as topconcept of another scheme

o   the notation tab improperly returns 0 notations

o   presence of flat (non reified) skos:definitions caused an exception

Good news also, basic support for alignment has been confirmed for the next VB 2.3 version, so here’s the updated plan for 2.3

·         Basic support for alignment

·         Coverage of all RDF properties (currently some properties, such as annotation properties not under the skos:note branch, or object properties not under the skos:semanticRelation branch, are left out from editing)

·         Spreadsheet import: a powerful yet simple tool, based on Sheet2RDF ( and CODA (, built inside VB!

·         Multiproject management: explicit management of multiple open projects and their dependencies and mutual visibility.

·         Low Level Project Management from UI (not only project creation/deletion, but also modifying its inner variables)

·         Several ICV (Integrity Constraint Validation) utilities

·         Data fixing/lifting utilities

·         Improved resource view (probably 2.4)


The VocBench team

Appendix: how to configure a sesame remote connection for working with GraphDB or other triple stores which do not duplicate triples in the inferred null context:

it is necessary to configure a remote connection by setting the new additional parameter “inferredNullContextContainsAllTriples” to “false”.

  • The parameter is automatically suggested when creating a new project, but its value is set to true by default (sesame internal triplestore behavior)
  • However, if you already have a project, there is no need to rebuild it from scratch. You can access the property file at the following path:
    and add the line:

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