Be among the first ones that will get a free micro-site for their journals!

A very hot August is almost round the corner, but Agro-Know is in full throttle working on the next release of our product. Our team is working on a service that will automatically set up a customised micro-site for institutions that make their bibliography available through AKstem to channels like FAO’s AGRIS.

We want to provide to agriculture, food and forestry journals with a simple and intuitive way to present their content to interested audiences, helping the process of searching and navigating through the publications.

We do so by setting up a dedicated micro-site that presents access to the publications of a specific journal or publisher.

You may find here a preview of how this will look like and work:



We give the opportunity to five (5) institutions (representing small publishers or newly established journals) to have an early bird subscription and get a free instance of our service for the whole duration of 2015. These privileged users will work closely with our team in order to develop their own micro-sites, customised to provide access to their publications and index them to prestigious catalogues like AGRIS.They will get our team’s attention and support for free, and they will be the first ones to test our upcoming service.


If you are interested in being among these five (5) special ones, feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected], indicating that you want to be one of the selected institutions that will get a micro-site for their publications at no cost.

We will be collecting expressions of interest up to Friday July 31st, in order to be able to work with the selected publishers and journals during August.


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