Big Data in Agriculture : Blog Competition

CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture has just announced a public BLOG COMPETITION, soliciting guest blogs covering the following topics :

- 1 -  Access & Discoverability

For the full potential of data to be unlocked it must be made discoverable and accessible in digital format, with the right linkages in place that provide context and promote mutual discoverability of related datasets.

- 2 -  Application & Use


What does the whole chain from “data” to “benefit for small shareholder farmers” look like in different contexts? What partners are needed and what will their roles be in deriving value out of open and/or big data? How will the benefits of these efforts actually reach farmers? How will farmers themselves shape this process?

- 3 -  Ethics of Open Data


The growing consensus is that research data should be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR). However, many recognise that the incentives of multiple actors, including donors, the private sector, researchers, and data subjects themselves, may not always easily align. How do we reconcile and align these diverse cultures and objectives?


According to CGIAR, the aforementioned topics are very important in understanding how we are going to harness the potential of Big Data in the agriculture development sector in the most effective way.

Find out more here about : Who can participate? How to submit. Prizes. Judging Process

It is clear that “Big Data” is a new and exciting area of agricultural development, so join us in spreading this blog competition announcement !

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