Implementing Open Access Mandates in Europe: OpenAIRE Study

Implementing Open Access Mandates in Europe : OpenAIRE Study on the Development of Open Access Repository Communities in Europe is the title of a recent book authored by Birgit Schmidt and Iryna Kuchma. The book highlights the existing open access policies in Europe and provides an overview of publisher’s self archiving policies and it further gives strategies for policy implementation. Such strategies include both institutional and national - which have been used in implementing open access policy mandates. This work provides a unique overview of national awareness of open access in 32 European countries involving all EU member states and in addition, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Switzerland and Turkey.

What makes this book an interesting read is that it taps into activities implemented through OpenAIRE project and related repository projects by other stakeholders in Europe.  Despite its extensive coverage on the implementation of Open Access Mandates in the region, the authors acknowledge, “the main issues that still need to be resolved in the coming years include the effective promotion of open access among research communities and support in copyright management for researchers and research institutions as well as intermediaries such as libraries and repositories”.

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