The Italian Node of RDA Organizes Interactive Workshop with Dedication of Showing Importance of Doing Research with Agricultural Data and More on January 27

The Italian node of RDA (Research Data Alliance), as part of the European project RDA Europe 4.0, organizes an interactive workshop dedicated to sharing research data in many of its facets; from the detection of widespread problems, to the method of approach within the international community of RDA, sharing solutions and more. The interactive workshop is set to take place on January 27 at Domus Comeliana.

The workshop is dedicated to the work done on data sharing in agriculture, showing approaches and solutions that could also be useful for other research groups. The intention is to reach researchers who can benefit from the RDA working method, by crossing experts from other sectors active in the search for solutions produced by the opening and sharing data.

To encourage the exchange between various communities of researchers, the workshop includes a special panel for discussion and comparison between speakers and participants. The group of speakers includes: Emma Lazzeri, CNR-ISTI, Italian RDA Node Coordinator; Sara Garavelli, Trust-IT, RDA Europe 4.0 Coordinator; Imma Subirats Coll, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, RDA Agricultural Data Interest Group co-chair; Esther Dzale Yeumo, INRAE, co-chair of Wheat Data Interoperability WG; Caterina Caracciolo, Agrisemantics WG co-chair and RDA Eu ambassador for agriculture; Ferdinando Villa, BC3, RDA results adopter; and Peter Baumann, Jacobs University, Geospatial and Big Data IGs co-chair (TBC).

The intention is to bring out any problems or challenges still open related to data sharing, which could be addressed with the RDA working method, or which could lead to adopting solutions already developed in other contexts, facilitating sharing and exchange of knowledge both on an interdisciplinary and international level.

The workshop has a thematic theme - data in agriculture - but it also has an interdisciplinary cut, aimed at showing the possibility of finding data sharing solutions also valid in different sectors.

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ABOUT RDA in Italy

The Italian Node of RDA was born from the RDA Europe 4.0 project, which has the main purpose of becoming one of the pillars of the European strategy related to Open Science through the creation of a network of national Nodes, which can act as local actors in the respective countries.

The RDA node, coordinated by the CNR Institute of Science and Information Technologies of Pisa, has chosen support for Research Data Management as its national priority and aims to:

  • Support data-related activities at national and local level also becoming a catalyst for projects and initiatives already present on the Italian territory
  • Act as a centralized point of contact between data professionals and RDA
  • Promote the vision and results of RDA through events, workshops, and meetings
  • Carry out actions that facilitate the adoption of RDA outputs
  • Interact with national lenders
  • Participate in RDA processes and governance to represent national interests

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