Just out! Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Electronic Publishing : Expanding Perspectives on Open Science

International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Elpub) 2017 theme is Expanding Perspectives on Open Science: Communities, Cultures and Diversity in Concepts and Practices. The Conference focuses on the diverse perspectives about Open Science, one of the most widely discussed topics in research communications today. 


Despite the common claims that Open Science improves transparency and accountability throughout the research life cycle while democratizing the knowledge production process, empirical research and conceptual validation of these ideas has been limited. 

In addition, there is a growing tendency to conceptualise Open Science as a set of conditions waiting to be met, without regard for regional differences, including cultural and historical contexts of knowledge production.

Intended to generate discussion and debate on the potential and limitations of openness, the proceedings of Elpub 2017:

  • address the current challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem of Open Science, and
  • explore how to move forward in developing an inclusive system that will work for a much broader range of participants.

The proceedings will be of interest to all those concerned with electronic publishing, and Open Science in particular.

Paper (open access)


Open Science and Accelerating Discovery in Rare and Neglected Diseases

Rachel J. Harding

Openness in Scholarship: A Return to Core Values?

Cameron Neylon

Framing a Situated and Inclusive Open Science: Emerging Lessons from the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network

Rebecca Hillyer, Alejandro Posada, Denisse Albornoz, Leslie Chan, Angela Okune

Claims About Benefits of Open Access to Society (Beyond Academia)

ElHassan ElSabry

Open Access Policy and Funding in Cyprus University of Technology a Case Study

Marios Zervas, Petros Artemi, Stamatios Giannoulakis

OpenAIRE: Supporting the H2020 Open Access Mandate

Vasiliki (Sylvia) V. Koukounidou

New Toolkits on the Block: Peer Review Alternatives in Scholarly Communication

Birgit Schmidt, Edit Görögh

Imparting Knowledge in Humanities. About Some Practices of Scientific Blogging on Hypothèses

Ingrid Mayeur

Grey Literature Publishing in Public Policy: Production and Management, Costs and Benefits

Amanda Lawrence

Arxiv-Based Commenting Resources By and For Astrophysicists and Physicists: An Initial Survey

Monica Marra

The Transition to Open Access: The State of the Market, Offsetting Deals, and a Demonstrated Model for Fair Open Access with the Open Library of Humanities

Martin Paul Eve, Saskia C.J. de Vries, Johan Rooryck

Rethinking Openness: Challenges and New Approaches to Open Scholarly Journals

Andre Luiz Appel, Maria Lucia Maciel, Sarita Albagli

Alternative Metrics for the Evaluation of Scholarly Activities: An Analysis of Articles Authored by Greek Researchers

Aspasia Togia, Eleftheria Koseoglou, Sofia Zapounidou

Benefits of Open Science: An Analytical Framework Illustrated with Case Study Evidence from Argentina

Valeria Arza, Mariano Fressoli

Inventory of Research Data Management Services in France

Violaine Rebouillat

Increasing Papers' Discoverability with Precise Semantic Labeling: The sci.AI Platform

Roman Gurinovich, Alexander Pashuk, Yuriy Petrovskiy, Alex Dmitrievskij, Oleg Kuryan, Alexei Scerbacov, Antonia Tiggre, Elena Moroz, Yuri Nikolsky

Living Digital Ecosystems for Data Preservation: An Austrian Use Case Towards the European Open Science Cloud

Raman Ganguly, Paolo Budroni, Barbara Sánchez Solís

Increasing the Discovery and Use of Non-Patent Literature (NPL): Scientific Publications in Patent Examination

Fernando Loizides, Barrou Diallo, Andrew Pollard, Aekaterini Mavri

Measurement of Open Access as an Infrastructural Challenge: The Case of Finland

Pekka Olsbo

The Transformation of the Ktisis Repository into a Current Research Information System (CRIS)

Alexia Ntini-Kounoudes, Marios Zervas

Web Technologies: A Survey of Their Applicability to Metadata Aggregation in Cultural Heritage

Nuno Freire, Hugo Manguinhas, Antoine Isaac, Glen Robson, John Brooks Howard

Governing Knowledge Commons: Applications of an Open Knowledge Broker in Caribbean Disaster Management

Maurice McNaughton, Lila Rao

What Is at Stake? Public Participation and the Co-Production of Open Scientific Knowledge

Hugo Ferpozzi

The University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (UCAD) Science Shop “Xam-Xamu Niep Ngir Niep” (Knowledge of All for All)

Dieyi Diouf

Source: IOS Press Ebooks

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