Provide your feedback!! Giving Researchers Credit for their Data: Repositories and Publishes

JISC is supporting F1000Research to research the case for and develop an API and ‘helper app’ that allows researchers who have deposited data in a repository to automatically submit a ‘data article’ to a journal at the click of a button. 

The proposed API will transfer data and metadata from the repository to a journal’s submission system, with an intermediary ‘helper app’ allowing authors to add their manuscript, references and other necessary information before submission. Article metadata will be sent back to the repository upon publication. These tools will be designed for maximum interoperability and made freely available. (Please see the schematic below for an outline of the workflow.)

This initiative will make it much easier for authors to obtain credit, visibility and peer review for their data via data article publication. This will have knock-on benefits for other stakeholders: journals will receive more submissions and link referrals, repositories will gain more deposits and more complete metadata, and readers will have better methodological detail to help them reuse or replicate data. 

At this stage of the project we want to:

  • Gauge the level of interest and potential uptake from key stakeholders. 
  • Assess what information publishers need for data article publication and what repositories can provide, to determine what fields should be included in the helper app. 
  • Gather general feedback.

We would very much appreciate 10 minutes of your time to respond to these questions:

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