RDA - Marine Data Harmonization Interest Group

The Marine Data Harmonization Interest Group of the Research Data Alliance is a collaborative effort to develop a common global framework for the management of marine data.

"This approach is necessary to address a number of phenomena both natural and man-made, the impacts of which require researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to work together. [...] the need for datasets increases to support the development of this ecosystem based approach to marine research." (RDA-Marine Data)

The group will actively promote and implement RDA recommended approaches relevant to marine data and metadata within an existing interoperable network of data centers and repositories. For more information on the objectives and the work plan, read the RDA-Marine Data Case Statement.


RDA-Marine Data Members

Already represented in the Group are the following key national and international marine data management initiatives.

Ocean Data Interoperability
Europe, Asia, Australia &
Promotes the development of interoperability between existing regional e-infrastructures to support effective sharing and re-use of marine data across scientific domains.
SeaDataNet Europe Links 80 national oceanographic data centers and marine data centres from 35 countries riparian to all European seas.
Rolling Deck to Repository USA Develops a comprehensive fleet-wide management of underway data to ensure preservation of and access to national oceanographic research data resources.
Integrated Marine Observing System Australia A fully-integrated national array of observing equipment to monitor the open oceans and coastal marine environment around Australia, covering physical, chemical and biological variables. All IMOS data is openly available.
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office USA National Science Foundation A facility where marine biogeochemical and ecological data and information developed in the course of scientific research can easily be disseminated, protected, and stored.
iMarine International,
Builds a collective data infrastructure for data resources related to marine environment and conservation.
International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange IOC-UNESCO Enhances marine research, exploitation and development, by facilitating the exchange of oceanographic data and information.

To join the Interest Group, you should register for the RDA mailing list and affirm your support for the RDA Guiding Principles.

IODE: Outcomes of 2nd RDA Plenary Meeting

The International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) community - dealing with similar issues in data management - is a member of the Marine Data Group, and an advocate of the  RDA vision: "An open, seamless, self-regulatory global digital data infrastructure that is the foundation for discovery and progress." (About RDA)

On the IODE website you will find a detailed post on the outcomes of the Second RDA Plenary Meeting, especially regarding the Marine Data Interest Group, please read RDA-2 outcomes.

Down below you will find listed the three main outcomes:

  • Support, promote, and facilitate the harmonization of ongoing work of current marine data interoperability efforts (IODE, ODIP etc) and provide the link to the technical activities of the RDA WG/IGs
  • Provide a mechanism for improved communication and co-ordination between existing on-going regional and global interoperability projects
  • Promote the activities of the RDA to the marine data management community and encourage membership of the relevant IG/WG to ensure relevant experts from marine domain contribute to RDA activities.

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