Register Today for Final Update Webinar of the RDA-COVID-19 Working Group on 9 June

The RDA-COVID-19 Working Group will have their final update webinar on Tuesday 9th June UTC 11:00.

This is an opportunity to hear all the insights and highlights from the experts who have been leading the 4 research areas and 4 cross cutting themes in putting together the RDA COVID-19 WG Recommendations and Guidelines on data sharing, now in its fifth and final draft release and in community review until 8th June 2020.

Research areas: Clinical, Omics, Epidemiology, Social Sciences

Cross cutting themes: Community, Indigenous Data Guidelines, Legal and Ethical Considerations, Research Software

Register here for the webinar. 

Data drives rapid response and informed decision making during public health emergencies. There is a need for timely and accurate collection, reporting and sharing of data with the research community, public health practitioners, clinicians and policy makers. Accurate and rapid availability of data will inform assessment of the severity, spread and impact of a pandemic to implement efficient and effective response strategies.

The Guidelines aim to help stakeholders follow best practices to maximise the efficiency of their work, and to act as a blueprint for future emergencies while the Recommendations assist policymakers and funders in maximising timely, quality data sharing and appropriate responses in health emergencies, particularly COVID-19.

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