Should RDA be a training, education body? A certification body? RDA is asking You for feedback

The members of the RDA Subcommittee on Strategy invite all RDA members to express your views on this issue and ensure that your vision and ideas for RDA are noted.


Training and dissemination of new skills is a key question to enable Open Data and Open Science.

Communication and personal interactions play a central role in the RDA ecosystem: Forum and Groups discussions are the fundamental basis upon which all of the RDA ideas and solutions develop.   

Though education and training per se are not part of the RDA mandate, RDA as a Forum plays an important role to transform the practices of its members.

Support and training about RDA findings and outputs are also essential, and regional and national RDA initiatives should play an important role in this domain in addition to the Groups which produced the output.

In the frame of its aim to build bridges to enable data sharing, the RDA also engages, on a limited, case by case, level in prototyping education and training practices, taking advantage of the diversity of its membership, in particular in partnership with organisations which have a mandate in this domain.

This is also in line with RDA aim to establish links with possible membership from less developed countries. 

The RDA will not operate schools and training programmes beyond this initial enabling phase of assessment and prototyping, but liaises with relevant organisations.

Thus the issue of whether RDA should engage in training and curriculum certification is often asked.

The members of the  RDA Subcommittee on Strategy invite you to express your position regarding RDA’s role in education and training practices.

Do you think RDA should be a training/education body? A certification body? Is there a mission/future here? (the document is accessible to all site users).

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The members of the RDA Subcommittee on Strategy  will also highly appreciate your feedback on other two drafted papers related to the vision and future of RDA:


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