A survey about users of VocBench : share your needs with the community !

Dear VocBench Users and AIMS Friends !

With a future assessment of the VocBench (VB) project, the ART Group of the Università degli Studi di Roma 'Tor Vergata' would like to carry on a survey about users of VocBench: 

  • who they are,
  • what kind of resources they maintain and even,
  • if they are willing to share, which specific resources (noun, last name etc..) they do maintain through VB.

The survey is really:

  • non-invasive, and though we encourage users to share their interests with the community (in the interest of the project), it can be compiled so that no information will be disclosed;
  • very short, it should not take more than 2 minutes to be filled.

This is the URL of the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/HnJnNou5vHlW2tQD3

The VB team thanks in advance all the users who could support the project with this easy action.



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