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TECA is a FAO's web platform where you can find practical information – agricultural technologies and practices – to help small producers in the field. In addition, you can interact with people with similar interests and discuss sustainable solutions for your work in our online forums – or Exchange Groups.


On TECA portal you can find technologies and practices in crop production, forestry, livestock, fisheries, marketing and much more! Some of them can also help to adapt to climate change

The TECA keywords system is connected to AGROVOC, a multilingual agricultural vocabulary. If you do not find the keyword you are looking for, you can suggest a new term directly to the AGROVOC community [at [email protected]],How to use TECA as a knowledge sharing tool in national innovation systems, programmes and projects.

TECA partners inside and outside FAO of the UN are responsible for providing the information on agricultural technologies consisting of practices or techniques, tools, equipments, know-how and skills, or combinations of the aforementioned elements. These partners usually consist of national, regional and international research organizations, advisory services, universities, NGOs, development agencies, farmers’ association and FAO technical divisions.

  • By becoming a TECA partner and publishing information on TECA, your organization will be sharing its knowledge with an international community of practitioners and helping small producers to improve the way they manage their farms or natural resources.
  • Partners can also choose to implement a decentralized TECA and manage a database of information for small producers and Exchange Groups on their own.

In both cases, partners will benefit from better preserving their knowledge and from increasing visibility to their work.

To be included in TECA, technologies have to be:

  • Applied by small agricultural producers. They have been successfully tested or used by small producers under actual field conditions;
  • A public good (open). These technologies are expected to benefit society in general and its application shall incur no copyright fees.

TECA provides technologies and practices in:

Agricultural mechanization


Capacity development

Livestock production

Climate change and disaster risk reduction

Natural resources management

Crop production


Fishery and aquaculture

Post-harvest and marketing

TECA technologies are:

  • Tested and/or adopted by small producers
  • Easy to replicate
  • Expected to increase production in a sustainable way

TECA Exchange Groups

are online forums where practitioners share their experiences and knowledge about different farming systems for small producers. 

Beekeeping Exchange Group

Farmer Innovation Exchange Group

SALSA Project Communication and Learning Platform

TECA Exchange Groups can be organized around:

  • a specific topic (for example, the Beekeeping Group or the Farmer Innovation Exchange Group) : practitioners from anywhere in the world are encouraged to participate and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the specific topic.
  • or around a region or a country (for example, the Uganda Group) :  the topics are usually proposed by participants according to the relevance in their geographical area.

Register to TECA to participate in one of the Exchange Groups.


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