Expert Conference on Open Access and Open Data

When the first Cologne Conference on Open Access Publishing took place in 2004, the Budapest Initiative was not more than three years old. The first pioneering projects had been successfully completed and a lively discussion was under way in the public. Now, six years later, Open Access has become daily routine for scientists from many disciplines. More and more funding bodies require an Open Access version of papers (Green Road) very soon after their publication in scientific journals. Nowadays, there are a variety of Golden Road business models and even commercial publishers caring for their author’s papers to be included into green repositories like PubMed Central.

The conference will consider what has been achieved and what is still left to be done in the near future.

In addition to Open Access for publications, this conference will also concentrate on research data. A closer look into the Berlin Declaration reveals that this aspect has already been mentioned in 2003. However, access to research data has only recently been put on the agendas of libraries, data centres and research institutions. Today, not only many projects in this field are on their way but also international organisational structures like DataCite are being built up. Some of the issues in discussion (i.e. on the property of data) remind of the controversy on Open Access. But there are new aspects, too, like incentives for scientists to publish their data and metadata issues. So, the situation in 2010 resembles the one six years ago in the way of heading for new horizons.

Like in 2004, this Expert Conference will act as a cutting-edge forum describing the state of the art and venturing a glimpse into the future.

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