Fedora Developer Meeting - Committer Meeting

The Fedora Repository committers hold an open meeting every Tuesday at 11am (US Eastern Time).  Usually these are focused on getting updates on what people have been working on lately, as well as reviewing any newly-submitted issues. You are welcome to participate, or just listen in.

Comitter Meeting


This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to join:


  1. Carryover discussions from prior meetings:
    1. Mailing list configuration (reply-to-list)
    2. Maven repositories (recent discussion on committer's list)
  2. Touching base on 3.5
    1. Rough Goals (from OR10 discussion)
      1. Continued work on Enhanced Content Models
      2. Prep work for High Level Storage (Spring integration)
      3. Performance analysis and improvements
      4. Re-engineering of release process (push-button)
      5. Bug fixes!
    2. Rough Date?
    3. Next Steps?
  3. Review
  4. newly-submitted issues

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