Linked Data Hackdays

This is a free two day workshop (which includes free accommodation) jointly organised by the Research Revealed and DevCSI projects. The event will bring together software developers, research information managers, researchers, librarians and linked data experts who are interested in hacking linked data, systems and services.

Tool developers and the users of research data tools rarely have opportunities to experiment in a focussed way on hacking systems together; this workshop will facilitate collaboration between technical and non-technical people with the opportunity for rapid prototyping to produce solutions to real, practical scenarios in the UK FE and HE sectors.
Events like these are sometimes called 'Hack Days' where we will be encouraging participants to form teams to talk about where they see the potential for linked data systems and approaches for the sharing of content and the promotion of research information across the UK and globally. We hope these teams will come up with some imaginative and innovative ideas. The focus will be on practical solutions to scenarios such as "how can my system automatically discover research collaborators?" and tackling issues such as harvesting versus the querying of SPARQL endpoints, or the requirements for data security in the context of inter-institutional information sharing. The event will culminate in a series of presentations from the teams about the work they have carried out.

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