Linked Open Data Italy: Call for Apps in the PA

Where: ISTC-CNR Rome, Semantic Technology Lab (STLab)  Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology  National Research Council (ISTC-CNR) Via San Martino della Battaglia 44, 00185 Rome, Italy  (First Floor, Piaget Room)

Streaming on:

Type: Government-Technology

Brief introduction to Linked Open Data
Re-use of Open Data: limits and complexity of the italian legal order
Benefits of publishing data in open format
State of the art in LOD Apps in Italy
Perspectives on LOD
LOD for Open Government
An italian LOD roadmap


(1) Invited talk by Guus Schreiber (University of Amsterdam)
Semantic annotation and search of virtual collections

Abstract: "In this talk we present ongoing work on exploiting Semantic Web techniques to support searching
and annotating large cross-institutional digital-heritage collections in he context of the Europeana effort. We discuss research issues w.r.t. metadata organization, semantics metadata enrichment as well as semantic search techniques of the resulting graph. We show some results through an open-source Web demonstrator"

(2) Presentations of Italian PA LOD Apps:
Luca De Santis (Net7, Pisa): Linked Open Camera
Paolo Bouquet (University of Trento): Okkam-based applications (okkam page)
Marco Combetto (Informatica Trentina): Linked entity-centric data: a realistic case for tax assessment
STLab (ISTC-CNR): Semantic Scout (homepage, sparql)
Giovanni Tummarello (DERI/Un. Trento): Spaziodati
Giovanni Pirrotta (Un. Messina): The LOIUS Project: Linking Italian University Statistics (abstract)
Stefano De Luca (EvoDevo): Automatic text classification and extraction of data for semantic search in government institutions (abstract)

(3) Discussion

Participants: Companies developing web-oriented apps, Freelance developers and advocate for the Web of Data, Universities and Research Centers already engaged in LOD-oriented applications, politicians and members of interested Government bodies / involved in publishing open data.

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