Semantic Web And Reasoning for Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries (SWARCH-DL)

The aim of this workshop is to look deeper into the problems that cultural heritage institutions and Semantic Web researchers face in their effort to produce knowledge-intensive and globally accessible digital collections. Through proposed techniques, tools, case studies, comparisons and extensive discussions they seek for valuable and innovative solutions to some of these open problems. Best practices and standards, data models and representation methods, efficient implementation tools and techniques, search and retrieval mechanisms, evaluation techniques, often raise arguable issues that worth further investigation.

Topics of Interest

In particular, topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Semantic-enabled search in cultural heritage collections and digital libraries
  • Reasoning over cultural heritage information
  • Integration with SKOS terminologies
  • Linked Data
  • Semantic Search Evaluation
  • Usability and Interfaces
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Semantic tagging and user feedback
  • Semantic and mental maps of interlinked cultural information
  • Visualization techniques and paradigms
  • Experience reports from relevant projects

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