VII International Seminar: Mobile Technologies for Learning and Development

Since its first edition in 2004, the International Seminar´ focus has evolved from fundamental changes in the field of the higher education with the intensive use of technologies during the first years of massive introduction of e-learning at universities, moving towards a more specific focus which, year after year, will come to analyze the emerging trends and challenges in this rapidly changing area and its practical implication for the educational policies and institutional dynamics of schools at different levels. Since 2009, the mission of UNESCO was given higher priority in the work of the Chair in general. The development issues, i.e. the enabling power of the educational technologies to change the world for the better, are being considered an important element in the design of our International Seminars.

This year, we will explore the potential of mobile technologies as a learning medium which every day lures more and more educators, software and hardware developers, policymakers and telecom providers. The seminar will address issues relevant for each of these sectors and, most importantly, the issues emerging at the crossing points of them. That is why we invite representatives of different knowledge fields to actively participate in this event.

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