Workshop - Digital Repositories and Field-Specific Digital Libraries: Opportunities and Challenges

The workshop will be of interest to anyone running or planning a disciplinary repository (DR), and anyone interested in data mining disciplinary repository corpora.It will share "secrets for success"; allow discussions of technology, services, interoperability, and the engagement of users; and foster communication within the disciplinary repository community. We call for proposals for short or lightening presentations on all aspects of disciplinary repositories and field-specific digital libraries. Topics include:

  • DR architecture, infrastructure and maintenance
  • Social aspects: populating and growing DRs
  • Sustainability through open access, proprietary access and hybrid models
  • User interaction, interface design and usability
  • Value-added and innovative services
  • Interaction and integration with IRs, other DRs and proprietary systems
  • DR as research corpus and platform for experiments

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