AGROVOC April 2019 release is out. With 36,169 concepts!

FAO AGROVOC team takes this opportunity to inform you about the FAO AGROVOC April 2019 release. 

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Browse AGROVOC with SKOSMOS! We want AGROVOC to be useful and relevant for your work.

As of April 2019, AGROVOC counts:

  • Number of concepts: 36,169  
  • Number of terms: 718,413 

Did you know that in March 2019, AGROVOC had almost 1.8 million hits?  Webservices: 38,763 accesses, SKOSMOS 244,735 accesses, AGROVOC URI accesses: 1,495,456

Documentation on AGROVOC web services has been updated at

by including a brief explanation on how to use the SKOSMOS REST APIs.

Some useful URLs:

A helpful tip for doing AGROVOC searches in SKOSMOS: SKOSMOS searches only in concepts having a label starting with the input value. So, if you search for "regis" you will find, for example "registration" and "registered designation of origin", but not "deed registration". If you want to search for all concepts having a label containing such input value, you need to put  *  before and after, so, for example, you can input *regis* and you will get many more results.

We want AGROVOC concepts/terms to be useful and relevant for you.

AGROVOC Editorial Guidelines might be helpful

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The AGROVOC Team would like to express its gratitude to all AGROVOC Editors who are constantly contributing to AGROVOC releases, as well as to the ART: Artificial Intelligence Research group that provides technical support for AGROVOC Web services page. You also may want to look at the WSDL file for the AGROVOC Web Services.


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