AIMS Newsletter no.48, February/March 2016

Focus on the Agricultural Data Interest Group (IGAD) Pre-meeting and the 7th RDA Plenary

IGAD – the Interest Group on Agricultural Data which operates as part of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), hosted two days of pre-conference meetings 28 – 29th Feb ahead of the RDA 7th Plenary (RDA P7) conference 1st – 3rd March 2016.

Following the pre-meeting there were two IGAD feedback sessions during the Plenary (Tuesday 1 March from 11.30 – 16:00) where the Group discussed its findings and collaboration with the Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN).

50 IGAD members – split into three key discussion groups  on 1. Data Interoperability and Availability, 2. Soil Data and 3. Rice Data and came up with concrete plans of action aimed at opening up access to agricultural data – the RDA’s mission that were presented in the first outbreak session of the RDA Plenary.

The second outbreak session in the RDA Plenary was moderated by GODAN chair André Laperrière who raised a discussion on the ethics, advantages and disadvantages of open data, including tackling data unreliability and misuse.

Click here to find out more about the results of the IGAD Pre-Meeting and outbreak session on the 7th RDA Plenary.

Highlights from the Community on The IGAD Pre-Meeting ant the 7th RDA Plenary

  • AgGateway : expanding eBusiness in Agriculture through eConnectivity. AgGateway a non-competitive collaborative environment of businesses that was recently presented during the IGAD Pre-plenary meeting. More info
  • Highlights from first and second IGAD outbreak sessions at RDA P7.  Discussion groups from the IGAD breakout sessions produced some interesting results. More info
  • Research Data Alliance 7th Plenary meeting - what is it and why is it important for IGAD? The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a global data-sharing initiative that aims to open up access to data. More info
  • IGAD pre-conference meeting kicks off 28 Feb in Tokyo, followed by two IGAD feedback sessions during the RDA Plenary 7Big topics on the pre-meet agenda include rice research data, data access and availability and agricultural data interoperability. More info
  • Presentations from the Interest Group for Agricultural Development (IGAD) pre meeting and RDA P7 to be published on Open Knowledge Agricultural Data (OKAD). We’re happy to announce that slides and presentations from both the IGAD pre-meet and subsequent RDA P7 will be published on OKAD. More info
  • The countdown is on to IGAD’s first pre-meeting of 2016.  What is the RDA and how is IGAD part of it? More info

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What does “Research Data Alliance (RDA)” stand for? RDA aims to accelerate and facilitate research data sharing and exchange by implementing the technology, practice, and connections that make Data Work across barriers. ("About RDA," RDA)

More info:  RDA website, Research Data Alliance: an introduction (pdf), RDA Working and Interest Groups

"Collaboration on Rice Data Interoperability", an interview witH Shaik N. Meera

Read the interview with Shaik N. Meera in the AIMS Interviews section.





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