AIMS Newsletter no.62, May 2017

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FOCUS ON RDA-IGAD : looking back, looking ahead

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This issue is pleased to provide you with a quick update on the recent RDA-IGAD (Research Data Alliance - Interest Group on Agricultural Dataevent. Additionally, the current Newsletter offers some insights into several mission-related initiatives and events – in Information, Knowledge and Data Management Sectors (in Agriculture and beyond) – mainstreaming impact through shared knowledge about projects, good practices, services, infrastructures, at a global level. 

The IGAD Pre-Meeting at the RDA 9th Plenary

IGAD Pre-Meeting took place on 3-4 April during the RDA 9th Plenary. It was hosted by University of Barcelona and supported by GODAN (The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition). Highlights from the IGAD outbreak sessions at RDA P9 were already recently shared on AIMS.

IGAD was launched in 2013, in order to work on all issues related to global agriculture research data and, in particular, on harmonized management and interoperability of this data. Moreover, IGAD serves as a platform leading to the creation of domain-specific Working Groups (WGs) focused on management of particular types of agricultural research data.

This year, IGAD brought 110+ data experts together, from more than 35 countries and from 5 continents. The pre-meeting program was rich and covered diverse fields in particular on  nine key topics:

  • AgriSemantics
  • On-Farm Data Sharing
  • Rice Data Interoperability
  • Wheat Data Interoperability
  • Climate/Weather Data
  • Soil Data Interoperability
  • Other crop Research Data Interoperability
  • Metrics and indicators in agricultural science
  • Capacity development in the context of research data in agriculture

First day of the meeting was designed to provide a space for the thematic groups to present their work and accomplishment as well as briefing the audience for the next day discussions. Majority of the thematic groups are already established WGs under RDA IGAD, with the exception of “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” and “Capacity development in the context of research data in agriculture”.

The second day focused in more intensive discussions and interactions. The groups had the morning and afternoon to review their work and discuss about their future roadmaps. At the end of the day, each group reported back to the audience. Existing working groups had the opportunity to explore if there is a need for any additional sub-topics and/or working areas. Both the first day presentations and the reporting session proved that the groups have been very active, doing an amazing job and involved many important projects over the years.

The discussion groups of “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” and “Capacity development in the context of research data in agriculture” were on the Pre-Meeting agenda as a result of interest in these topics over the past months. It turned out that both topics have enough interested parties within the domain and the groups have the potential to create value for the community.

Thematic group of capacity development in the context of research data in agriculture aims to explore ideas for closer collaborations between RDA IGAD - RDA/Geospatial IG - GODAN Capacity Development - CODATA and synergies to set up a Joint Curriculum WG with regard to education and training on Open Data in food and agricultural sciences.

Thematic group of “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” has the objective to continue to discuss challenges to measure impact of research in agricultural sciences and prepare a white paper on responsible use of indicators in agricultural sciences. The group has became a RDA IGAD BoF (Birds of a Feather) on 26th of April, 2017. Those who are interested in the subject matter and working in the relevant areas can join the group and subscribe to the group mailinglist.

RDA IGAD has been an ever expanding community with the new topics and the partners to create more value for the agriculture. IGAD 2017 Pre-Meeting was a great addition to this goal and will continue to work towards it.


@ "Researchers acknowledge the benefits of open data, but data sharing practices are still limited. Reasons mentioned include: not enough training in data sharing, sharing data is not associated with credit or reward, research data management and privacy issues, proprietary aspects and ethics" - (73% of Academics Say Access to Research Data Helps Them in Their Work; 34% Do Not Publish Their Data; CWTS Meaningful metrics).

@ "Data that farmers use: weather data, agricultural inputs (fertilizer, water, insurance, mechanisation, crop protection), soil data, market price data...Making a dataset open is about mobilization and connection: unlocking the potential of data by encouraging others to use it, and to collaborate around it" - (Open Data and Farming 101, GODAN). 

@ "... we might consider the idea of a “data trust”: a mutual organisation formed to manage data on its members’ behalf. Data subjects would pool their data forming a trust, stipulating conditions under which data could be shared. The trust would retain a duty of care without conflicting goals such as making a profit or furthering a research career" - (Data trusts could allay our privacy fears, Neil Lawrence, The Guardian).

@ "Studies and data collection are nice but of limited use without the wisdom of practical solutions that actually help people achieve new ways of doing things..." (Big Data & Agriculture - The Next Green Revolution: Wolfgang van Loeper Interview, Data Science Weekly).


Below you will find a selection of news published on AIMS. The full news listing can be read here*. 

FAO toolkit and e-learning modules on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems

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OpenChannels: Forum for Ocean Planning and Management : with Openness in-mind

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Barriers in working with Open Data and Ways to cope with these barriers

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Global agriculture & nutrition community launches open publishing initiative - GODAN channel

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Platform for Big Data in Agriculture : to Organize, Convene, Inspire

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BUZZWORDS are actively fragmenting into different mission-related initiatives and events mainstreaming trend impact through shared experiences and lessons learned,  projects and programmes, services and infrastructures, implementation strategies and capitalization of good practices … and much more, at a global level. 

The current trends, or rather strategic thematic areas in Information-, Knowledge-, and (Research) Data Management are inextricably tied and one shouldn't take precedence over the other.

AIMS continues to encourage Information Management communities to build solutions with Open and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) in mind from the outset; be part of the new era Open Science and Linked Science!


"Open data has to have a license that says it is open data" (Open Data Institute). Open-related data not only becomes an increasingly ascendant form of data sharing and distribution paradigms to present the potentials for building inclusive, open and diverse Knowledge Societies, but also is key in creating interoperability among distributed trusted information infrastructures.

LICENTIA: a web site to choose the License for your data.

EUDAT B2SHARE will support you in developing your Data Management Plan, as it includes a built-in license wizard that facilitates the selection of an adequate license for research data.

Legal issues on Open Research Data: How Open and FAIR is your dataset?

An EUDAT-based FAIR Data Approach for Data Interoperability.

Get your free copy of Research Data Management Toolkit.

Free ETD+ Toolkit helps you to store and maintain your research outputs in reliable and trustworthy way.

The European  Open Science Cloud (EOSC) for Research Pilot Projcet is going to improve the ability to preserve and reuse data resources and provide an important step towards building a dependable open innovation environment where data from publicly funded research is always open and there are clear incentives and rewards for the sharing of data and resources.

"The availability of research data and research materials fosters transparency and trustworthness in research processes as well as enabling the resuse of research data" - The Landscape of Research Data Repositories..., D-Lib Magazine, March/April 2017.

Anyhow, as the entire structure of publishing is built upon respect of the author's wishes, authors/organisations/communities that do not make their work open or make it partially open - should also be respected.

The EU is alive with the sound of copyright reform.

DALICC : Data Licenses Clearance Center.

Below is a selection of events and initiatives (May 2017) running a global awareness-raising and advocacy campaign aiming to put core trends in Information, Knowledge and Data Management Sectors at the centre of the adaptation agenda at international level. So be invited to get the story told..:

Screening Buzzwords 

Events and initiatives (May 2017)

FAIR data
Research Data Management
Data Infrustructures 

LEARN’s end-of-project conference, Managing the Data Deluge: roles and responsibilities for your institution: is your institution considering how to manage research data? Do you need to implement a data management policy? Would you like to hear the latest insights from experts working on this topic? ... (5 May 2017, London).

INSERM workshop 246 – Management and reuse of health data: methodological issues will provide an insight into the tools regarding "Open data", "FAIR data management", "data discovery and reuse", "confidentiality and security", "improvement of the management of health data throughout its life cycle, thus enabling a responsible sharing and enhanced reusability of data" ... (15-17 May 2017, Bordeaux).

Data Summit 2017: Unleash the power of your data will present the leading technologies and strategies for succeeding in this increasingly data-driven world; to get a comprehensive educational guide through all of today’s key issues in data management and analysis ...  (15 - 17 May 2017, New York).

EUDAT "Real use of Array Databases for Research Communities" WG Workshop will present common data structures widely used in many scientific disciplines, as scientists increasingly require to manage and process large volumes of multidimensional datasets (17 May, 2017, Amsterdam).

Coupling HPC (High Performance Computing) and Data Resources and services together - EUDAT workshop will present the EUDAT services, the results of the collaboration activity achieved so far; to deliver a hands-on on how to write a Data Management Plan or DMP ... (18 May 2017, Barcelona, during European HPC Summit Week, 15-19 May 2017).

RDA Meets Researchers In Slovakia, 23 May 2017, Bratislava will focuse on engaging the Slovakian research communities, researchers in general, and the re-use of research data champions to join and discuss technological as well as sociological matters around the re-use of research data on the national, European and global. 

Open ...

Open Data Science CxO Summit & Expo (3 May, 2017, Boston): Open Source Data Science had been incredibly impactful. Among other benefits, it has eased the learning curve, made data science more accessible to all, and accelerated the adoption of data science in industry. 

Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) Annual Meeting will focus on strategies for positioning the international network of repositories as the foundation of a global knowledge commons ... (8 - 10 May 2017, Venice).

@ The OpenStack Summit is a unique opportunity for members of open source communities to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate with each other...  (8-11 May, 2017, Boston).

PAGES Open Science Meeting (OSM) will reflect the PAGES (Past Global Changes) structure and themes of climate, environment and humans ...  (9 - 13 May 2017, Zaragoza).

Open Textbook Summit 2017 will look at how to move the open textbook agenda forward, share experiences about what has worked well and what could be improved... (24-25 May, 2017, Vancouver). 

Pushing for ...
Capacity and

@ Workshop: Enabling the use of digital collections in learning, teaching and research was supported by the online guide making your digital collections easier to discover and included access to pre and post-course resources (May 3, 2017, London).

@ Conference: African Regional Internet and Development Dialogue will be organised as part of a series of global Internet Development conferences organised by the Internet Society with the objective of supporting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (8-9 May, 2017, Kigali, Rwanda).

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture - Europe edition will present a number of solution providers exhibiting with working products to help your agriculture solutions remain competitive and sustainable for the long-term (9 - 10 May 2017, Utrecht).

@ Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals will identify and examine technology needs and gaps, including with regard to scientific cooperation, innovation and capacity-building ... (15 - 16 May, 2017,  New York).

BIOTALENT EU Conference: Tackling biodiversity challenges through innovative e-learning will gain crucial skills and knowledge in biodiversity (18 May, 2017).

UNITAR, free and open cources: Global framework for climate services; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) E-Course, etc.

FAO Capacity Development: Learning Materials, Learning Courses, Practical Tools, E-Learning Centre.

Big Data

Cloud services


@ Workshop: Big Data and Cloud Performance: to promote a community-wide discussion to find and identify suitable strategies to enable effective and scalable performance optimizations (1 May, 2017, Atlanta).

@  1st Workshop on the Integration of Extreme Scale Computing and Big Data Management and Analytics: Task-based programming model as an alternative for Big Data and Analytics. Held in conjunction with IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2017 May 14-17, 2017, Madrid. 

@ The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud (BigDataSecurity 2017): cloud computing has provided a variety of novel approaches addressing the solutions of big data (26-28 May, 2017, Peking).

BigDSSAgro 2017 : 1st International Conference on Agro Big Data and Decision Support Systems in Agriculture, Submission Deadline for papers: May 21, 2017.

Knowledge Discovery
Linked Data

@  DANS Seminar: Linked Data in Research and Cultural Heritage: nanopublications, self-publishing of scholarly papers, image interoperability and FAIR principles were discussed. It was shown how Linked Data can be kept decentrally, and be subjected to distributed search ... (1 May, 2017,The Hague).

UK Symposium on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining will cover the following topics: - Best Practice Analytics, - Adventures in Random Forests: Techniques for Engineering Accurate Ensembles, - Knowledge Discovery for Social Recommender Systems ... (8 May, London). 

@  Third International Workshop on Semantic Web for Scientific Heritage will provide a leading international and interdisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest research in the field of Semantic Web ... (29 May, 2017, Portorož).

@  SEMANTiCS 2017 Conference will present semantic computing work, its benefits and its limitations. Abstract registration deadline: 17 May, 2017.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IEEE IoT Vertical & Topical Summit for Agriculture: Learn about cutting-edge IoT architectures and use cases focusing on the agricultural market (21 May , 2017, Paris) 

Internet of Things Summit: IoT Privacy & Security in the Consumer IoT Interaction Between Devices Diversity (9-10 May, London).


AGROVOC term selector

is a FORIS (an FAO developed information and knowledge management system) tool and JSONP service and a companioning jQuery plug-in, used for selecting AGROVOC terms. 

It would typically be used to tag various resources, or select terms to include when searching for resources.

FAO-AIMS VEST/AgroPortal Map of Standards

is a global map of standards - relevant to exchange of agriculture and nutrition data - is the continuation of the FAO VEST Registry under the GODAN Action umbrella.

Search/browse and contribute on the AIMS portal.

Sustainable Development Topics 

is part of the UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTKNOWLEDGE PLATFORM for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Tell everyone about the #GlobalGoals !

The Sustanainble Global Goals (SDG) are only going to be completed if we fight for them. All we need you to do is SHARE.

SHARE #GlobalGoals videos, graphics and The Global Goals for Sustanaible Development website.

IW:LEARN - the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network 

IW:LEARN project was established to strengthen transboundary water management around the globe by collecting and sharing best practices, lessons learned, and innovative solutions to common problems across the GEF International Waters portfolio.

FAO GM Foods Platform

is a simple online platform to share information on safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant-DNA plants.

The Platform is freely accessible for those who want to browse the information. Registration is required for those who need to upload information. 

Sustainable Food and Agriculture 

is a FAO’s online platform promoting vision for Sustainable Food and Agriculture principles. Working with countries to develop and apply these principles across food and agricultural production systems, FAO foresees national, regional and global systems that are socially, economically and environmentally more sustainable.


Soils for food security and the climate

The INRA's "4 parts per 1000" initiative proposes to increase organic matter contents and encourage carbon sequestration in soils, through the application of appropriate farming and forestry practices.

United Nations Sustainable Development Videos 

GODAN's Youtube channel

Watch the latest #opendata for #agriculture #nutrition videos!  GODAN Documentary web series are created with farmOS: open source web-based application for farm management, planning, and record keeping. 

GODAN supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable.

Join the FutureTDM community, tell your TDM story!

FutureTDM is a European ongoing (2015 - 2017) research project (under H2020-EU.5.f.) that focuses on the required identification, assessment and analysis of current Text and Data Mining (TDM) obstacles imposed by the European legal framework


Le dictionnaire en vidéos

Ces visuels de format court (maximum 3mn) ont pour ambition de faciliter la compréhension de la définition écrite de chaque terme défini dans le dictionnaire. Réalisés par des étudiants en DURCA de l’Ecole d’Audio Visuel de Toulouse (ESAV), ils mobilisent les techniques de l’interview d’auteurs, de l’infographie et de la vidéo.

Let us know about  high-quality videos created by organizations highlighting thematic areas relevant to information management (Open Data, Open Access, Open Science, Big Data, interoperability issues, FAIR data etc.), agriculture,  forestry, fisheries and related themes (food security, land use, environment, etc.). To submit your video, please send a file transfer to [email protected]


Open Access to Scientific Information in Emerging Countries, by Joachim Schöpfel (D-LIB Magazine, March/April 2017)

BUILDING A EUROPEAN DATA ECONOMY,  - Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic And Social Committee and the Committee of the regions, EC, Brussels, 10.1.2017

Contribution of citizen science towards international biodiversity monitoring, by Mark Chandlera, Linda Seeb, Kyle Copasc et al. (Science Direct, under Creative Commons, 2016) 

Save and Grow in practice: maize, rice, wheat (FAO, 2016). This new book looks at the application of “Save and Grow” practices and technologies to the production of the world’s key food security crops, with examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

What is sustainable agriculture? (UCDAVIS, Agricultural Sustanaibility Institute)

Linked Data in Regtech: Boosting Compliance and Performance, by Milena Yankova (OntoText, 2016)

Introduction to International Phytosanitary Terminology (2017;  browse and download directly from the FAO Document Repository)

OPRM: Challenges to Including Open Peer Review in Open Access Repositories, by Pandelis Perakakis, Agnes Ponsati, Isabel Bernal et al. (Code4Lib Journal - Issue 35, 2017)

Setting up crowd science projects, by Kaja Scheliga, Sascha Friesike, Cornelius Puschmann, Benedikt Fecher (SAGE Journals, 2016)


 E-LISF1000Research - OKADF1000Research - GODAN, AGORA

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