El Glosario AIMS lista los términos técnicos  que son utilizados en el sitio Web y además dentro del campo de la gestión de la información. El propósito del Glosario AIMS es el recolectar los conceptos “técnicos” usados en el contexto de la gestión de la información agrícola y definirlos y enlazarlos a un grupo de recursos de acceso libre en la Web que amplían la información sobre estos.

Para sugerir un término al glosario escríbanos un correo electrónico a [email protected]

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    Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

    Initiative that seeks to support global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available, accessible, and usable for unrestricted use worldwide focusing on building high-level...

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    Open Access mandate

    A policy (adopted by a research institution, research funder, or government) that requires researchers [...] to make their published, peer-reviewed journal and conference papers open access by self...

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    "A web page, or web application, that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface." (Wikipedia)

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    an automated, regular process of collecting metadata descriptions from different sources to create useful aggregations of metadata and related services. (Resource: ANDS)

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    Open Access

    The free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research, and the right to use and re-use those results as you need. (Open Access Week)

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    An RDF query language, that is, a query language for databases, able to retrieve and manipulate data stored in Resource Description Framework format. (Wikipedia)