Software architecture for the ontology-based Fisheries Stock Depletion Assessment System (FSDAS)

Baldassarre, Claudio and Jaques, Yves and Lopez Perez, Alejandro Software architecture for the ontology-based Fisheries Stock Depletion Assessment System (FSDAS)., 2007 [Project/Business plan]

This document describes the architecture for the ontology-driven Fisheries Stock Depletion Assessment System (FSDAS) knowledge base. It will be a stand-alone Java Web Start (JWS) application that communicates via web services with a separate server instance of the NeOn core toolkit and an RDF triple store for unstructured data sources.
Users will experience FSDAS as a browsable and queryable application that returns organized, quality-rated, linked results that can be used to make decisions about the state and trends of various fish stocks. Fisheries information resources will be exploited using ontologies to return time-series statistics on capture, production, commodities and fleets by stock, together with direct links to related documents, web pages, news items, images and multi-media. The document uses a variety of Kruchten's 4+1 views architecture to depict logical, process, deployment, implementation, data and use case views that serve as a blueprint for implementation work on FSDAS by NeOn partners.
The audience for this document are both the NeOn technical work packages that are or may be supplying components, as well as NeOn partner Atos Origin S.A. (ATOS). It is expected that partners will be able to use this document in order to understand which properties and operations their components shall be expected to provide in order to interface with FSDAS. For task T7.61, this document provides an architectural design blueprint from which both class-level design can take place and against which the possible use of GNU General Public License components-off-the-shelf (COTS2) can be evaluated.

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