Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus published as Linked Open Data

"With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related, data." [1]
The Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus (CAT) can be added to the rapidly increasing number of interlinked datasets that are published as Linked Data, since China's largest thesaurus in the agricultural domain has now been published as Linked Open Data (LOD)!

Linked Data version of Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus 

The Linked Data version of CAT is in RDF/SKOS-XL, and is stored in Virtuoso triple store. Data is accessible to machines through a SPARQL endpoint, and to humans by means of a HTML pages generated with Virtuoso.

From 2005, the Agricultural Information Institute (AII) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), cooperated with AIMS to map CAT to AGROVOC, conforming to the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) mapping rules (skos: exactMatch, broadMatch and narrowMatch were mainly considered and applied). In addition, CAT has also been mapped to EUROVOC, NALT, LCSH automatically just based on the label string exact match. These mapping results could lay fundamental bases for higher level interoperability (e.g. cross-lingual information retrieval and knowledge discovery applications).

Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus: 63.000 concepts & 130.000 relationships

CAT is the largest agricultural domain thesaurus in China, which is held and maintained by AII of CAAS. CAT was the important fruit of more than 100 professionals’ six years hard work. The international and national standards were adopted while designing and constructing CAT. CAT covers areas including agriculture, forestry, biology, etc. It is organized in 40 main categories and contains more than 63 thousand concepts and most of them have English translation. In addition, CAT includes more than 130 thousand semantic relationships such as Use, UF, BT, NT and RT. [2]



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