DSpace 4.0 Released

DSpace 4.0 is now available and can be downloaded from the following  locations:-

  1. Sourceforge
  2. GitHub

You can also log on to the demo site and have a feel of the release for the three applications, XMLUI, JSPUI and XMLUI Mobile.

New features and improvements

  • [new] REST API module based on JAX RS 1.0;
  • [new] Request a Copy for files that are not yet available for public downloading;
  • [new] DOI Support;
  • Discovery formally replaces legacy Search & Browse;
  • SWORDv2 module update;
  • Improved command line features;
  • Support simple embargo in AIP import/export;
  • Support running handle server and application container on separate machines;
  • Improvements to LDAP Authentication;
  • Media filter generates better-looking thumbnails;
  • Curation Task for Consuming Web Services;
JSPUI Specific:
  • [new] A new Bootstrap-based default look and feel
  • [new] Integrated PubMed, Arxiv and CrossRef metadata lookup
XMLUI Specific:
  • Support simple embargo in item display;
  • Language switch;
  • Mobile Theme matures from beta;

DSpace 4.0 documentation is available here


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