iMarine, a data infrastructure to safeguard our oceans. Presented at RDA, BIH & IMDIS 2013

iMarine, the international initiative to build a collective data infrastructure for data resources related to marine environment and conservation, has recently been presented at:

iMarine in short

Goal  Providing the data and tools "to support the Ecosystem Approach to fisheries management and conservation of marine living resources." (About iMarine)


iMarine contains data sets from multiple scientific fields such as fisheries, biodiversity and ocean observation, like OBIS and FAO Geospatial Data catalogue. It brings otherwise dispersed and heterogeneous data together in one place and enables cross-cutting scientific analysis.

"The iMarine infrastructure is like an archipelago where applications emerge as islands of services resting on an underlying infrastructure bedrock. While each island focuses on a specific application domain, the archipelago is an interconnected system, enabling marine researchers to go 'island-hopping' whenever they need a purpose-built application for their work." ("Surfing the marine data wave," isgtw)

  The iMarine Gateway takes you to the iMarine products and services. Currently there are 6 application bundles available.
How The iMarine Gateway uses the D4Science infrastructure, a Hybrid Data Infrastructure specifically conceived to interface with a rich array of Information Systems.
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Who Currently 15 institutes and organizations related to fisheries, information management and education are involved, including FAO, UNESCO-IODE (OBIS), FishBase and CERN. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7.
Period The project was launched in November 2011 and will end in April 2014.


More information
"iMarine initiative overview," i-marine

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