SemTech 2010: The Semantic Technology Conference

The 6th annual conference of the "semanticians" took place in San Francisco, June 21-25.

It was an extremely successful and this is witnessed by the fact that in the first conference in 2005 some 300 persons attended. This year the number has grown to 1400.
Technologies change and case studies and success stories are steadily building. In particular, this year, there were lots of new proposals for semantic applications in diverse areas such as health reform, government and national systems, and so on.

FAO as Knowledge Organization, was mentioned and praised on a few occasions, both for AGROVOC as a model to follow when re-using and interlinking with SKOS vocabularies and for Country Profiles

An important announcement was made on the last day for the launch of the official website for the Official Web Site of the U.S. Government that now hosts a set of triples created by converting a number of the datasets into RDF, making over 6.4 billion triples of open government data available to the community ( And the interesting thing for us (AGRIS) is that this time the store includes also lot of data on agriculture.

I am sharing all the materials that I could retrieve from the conference. All the pdf and presentations (nearly 150) are available at \\odg_s01\oek\Anibaldi\SemTech2010\CD (hint: copy and paste the link to your Windows Explorer address box and then access the AutoRun.exe to browse the CD).
Other materials, such as paper tutorials, CD and

books are in my office, available to those who are interested.


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