Free LOD2 Webinar : SIREn

The LOD2 project will offer a free one-hour webinar on SIRen, a plug in to Solr and Elastic search. The webinar will give a brief overview of the SIREn project and give a presentation of the tool and it's capabilities.


  • Presenter : Giovanni Tummarello
  • Date        : June 24 2014
  • Time        : 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

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About SIREn

SIREn, is a plugin to both Solr and Elastic search which provides full schemaless semi-structured search at orders of magnitude improved performance than previously possible. With SIREn, one can use Solr or Elasticsearch to ingest and perform rich search over arbitrary JSON or XML and be able to leverage in full the original structure, e.g. for more precise querying and improved ranking.

More information on LOD2 follow here.

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