INASP’s 20th Anniversary Symposium takes place today


INASP’s 20th Anniversary Symposium takes place today, the 20th of June, 2012.

State of the art of research communication and uptake for development

Drawing on the expertise of INASP partners from around the world, the Symposium will explore the state of the art of research communication and research uptake for development as they exist today, how the field might develop in the future and how we can improve our practice in the light of robust research evidence. Through presentations and participatory discussions participants will critically examine some commonly held ‘truths’ about research communication.


The Symposium will bring together practitioners and researchers active in research communications for development. From the supply side (providing or enabling access to information), demand side (the users of research information at research and policy levels) and from the intermediary level (those involved in facilitating access and supporting more effective communication of research). As well as practitioners and researchers from developing countries, speakers and participants from funding agencies and governments with programmes in this area will attend as well as key executives from the publishing, information, and library worlds.