Report on 10th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (NKOS) Workshop

The 10th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (NKOS) Workshop took place from September 28-29, 2011, in Berlin, Germany, as part of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2011, formerly ECDL). 

The workshop was attended by 35 colleagues from 17 countries on 4 continents. All presentations and abstracts are available on the workshop website


NKOS is a community of researchers, developers and practitioners seeking to enable knowledge organization systems as networked interactive terminology and knowledge organization services via the Internet. The main topics of the workshop were "SKOS and Linked Data" and "Relation between Ontologies and (other) KOS".

VocBench integral part of FAO Linked Open Data activities

During the "SKOS / Linked Data" session the VocBench team represented by Imma Subirats presented the paper "A Collaborative Framework for Managing and Publishing KOS" (slides). The paper reported about the FAO VocBench, an editing and management framework for thesauri and concept schemes. The FAO VocBench is an integral part of the current FAO Linked Open Data activities, with the multilingual AGROVOC thesaurus as a core vocabulary. Today the AGROVOC has been aligned with seven other thesauri. In addition, the presentation showed the re-modeling of AGROVOC from OWL back to RDF SKOS/SKOS-XL.

International NKOS discussion list

The main forum for all related activities is the international NKOS discussion list. Information and documentation about (past and future) events and publications, how to subscribe to the list and to share the work, is available at the international NKOS website