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Announcement: CODA 1.1.2 released

Dear allA new release of CODA is out there! CODA1.1.2 jar bundles are available on Maven and a running demo can be downloaded by following instructions at:

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VocBench 2.3 released!

Dear VoBenchers,A few hours after the previous post about the new vocbench publication, we are happy to inform you that a new release of VocBench is out there!VocBench 2.3 is available at its usual...

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The new VocBench reference paper!

VocBench has got now its reference paper!The VocBench team got a full publication about VocBench accepted at the research track of this year’s Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2015),...


SemaGrow - Интенсивные методы данных для повышения эффективности Глобальных сельскохозяйственных инфраструктур данных

Цель проекта SemaGrow  – имплементация масштабируемых, эффективных и надёжных сервисов передачи данных, необходимых для полномерного использования междисциплинарной Науки 2020,...

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Second Review Meeting of the SemaGrow Project

The 2nd Review Meeting took place in Luxemburg on Friday, the 12th Dec 2014 between the European Commission and the SemaGrow Consortium. Its aim was to present the status of the development of the...

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Sheet2RDF: lifting spreadsheets to RDF

Dear all,Sheet2RDF: a new system developed for the lifting of spreadsheet content to RDF, has been released by the ART Team ( ) at the University of Tor Vergata (http://web...