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All the vocabularies in the VEST Registry are classified by type and subject domain. Most of the Vocabularies are related to indexing. The purpose of indexing is to facilitate the search and finding of the content in a collection by the use of controlled/code lists, authority files or controlled subject vocabularies. The indexing ensures that the content will be found by users when they search specifically in information management systems. There are different type of vocabularies like authority files, classification systems, concept maps, controlled lists, ontologies, taxonomies or subject headings. But under the concept Vocabularies you can find as well dictionaries, encyclopedies, glossaries, lexical databases or topic trees.

If you want to suggest a new vocabulary, we invite you to complete this contact form, and under category choose, "AIMS.VEST Registry" in the message function kindly provide the following information: type of suggestion, contact person, resource URL and organization.

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