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    OpenCon 2015 Details Announced!

    For immediate release: April 7, 2015Press Contact: Ranit Schmelzer: +1 202 538 1065, sparcmedia@arl.orgBroad Coalition Announces 2nd Conference for Students & Early Career Academic...

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    H2020 project details revealed in open data document

    Announcement as published on European Open Data Project.The European Union Open Data Portal has published a database providing details of projects funded by Horizon 2020.The spreadsheet delivers...

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    A glance on AGRIMetaMaker tool requests

    AGRIMetaMaker is a web form or tool, based on the Drupal Content Management System, to generate metadata as easily as possible. AGRIMetaMaker (AMM) allows the AGRIS data provider community to...

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    AGRIS strategy meeting, Athens (Greece)

    Agro-Know is really glad to host the upcoming AGRIS strategy meeting at its offices. The meeting will take place between 9-13 of March 2015 and will include members of the AGRIS Steering Committee ...

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    agINFRA :the vision for the future

    The agINFRA project lasted from October 2011 to February 2015. The presentation below shows the vision after the end of the project. The project promised (1) a data infrastructure, (2) to support...