7 September : WEBINAR: SHACL – A New W3C Standard for Data Validation and Modeling

Join TopQuadrant for a free webinar on September 7, 2017 at 8:30 AM EDT : 

SHACL (SHAPES Constraint Language)* is a powerful, recently released W3C standard for data validation and modeling, ontology design, inferencing and data transformation. SHACL is based on RDF and SPARQL. The design of SHACL is heavily inspired by SPIN (which originated from TopQuadrant) and IBM's Resource Shapes and therefore inherits a wealth of practical experience, solving real-world problems and “getting the job done”. 

Irene Polikoff, CEO of TopQuadrant, who was co-chair of the SHACL Working Group and is currently co-chair of the W3C SHACL Community Group, will give an overview of SHACL’s design, features, best practices for its use and highlight why it is a significant complement to the Semantic Standards Technology Stack. She will also give insight into what Jon Voskull, CEO of Taxonic and an experienced information management professional, said:
“… SHACL is a significant step towards making Linked Data more viable and useable in practical situations. Many people believe that … SHACL will be a game changer in Data Governance and Big Data.”

In this webinar, the presenter will describe and demonstrate key aspects of SHACL, including:
  • Using SHACL for data modeling
  • Using SHACL for data validation
  • Extending SHACL
  • SHACL Rules
  • SHACL and Linked Data
  • SHACL and OWL – differences, similarities and co-existence
More details about the Webinar and Presenter. 

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Source: TopQuadrant

* SHACL : Why is it important? 

SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language) is:

  • newly ratified W3C standard for data validation and modeling;
  • a significant value add to the Semantic Technologies Stack, bringing key capabilities to enhance data quality and implement data governance;
  • a rich ontology language that can enable the benefits of cognitive computing and Artificial intelligence (AI);
  • overviewed in a 3-part blog series by Holger Knublauch, TopQuadrant's Principal Engineer and key contributor to the SHACL standard. The blogs cover SHACL features and their TopBraid support;
  • also covered in the Q12017 issue where TopQuadrant provided links to blogs that outline its importance to data governance.

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