Join the Global 24-hour Digital Marathon: Food for Earth on 22 April

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) e-learning team is extremely pleased to announce the Global 24-hour Digital Marathon: Food for Earth to bring together bright minds and best practices on sustainable food systems for regenerating the Planet, organized by the Future Food Institute and FAO elearning Academy on 22 April 2020

This knowledge sharing experience, fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework, will be human and nature-centred and will reflect the shift from design-thinking to prosperity-thinking, by placing nature back at the centre of our lives. 

This relay of positivity and goodness, like an ideal Olympic torch, will travel from East to West, passing from indigenous people that reflect the identity of entire territories to entrepreneurs, startups, scientists, journalists, young leaders, policymakers, consultants, farmers. The torch will pass from China to Japan, India, Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and even the North and South Poles, as we connect with scientists at the Concordia Station.

Interested readers can get involved by helping to find key speakers in your region, farmers, indigenous people, young entrepreneurs and decision-makers, that can share with us local challenges and experiences for sustainability. 

We believe that together we can make a pivotal contribution to changing mindsets, values and behaviours for sustainability.  We believe that your voice can be stronger, with all of us, and we are convinced that together we can make a change after Covid, for a brighter future.

To participate as a speaker, sign up here

Follow the Marathon, Broadcasted live on Youtube here

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