AGROVOC December 2017 release

As you may already know, beginning in April 2017 AGROVOC updates its content on a monthly basis.

AGROVOC team takes this opportunity to inform all interested parties about the AGROVOC December 2017 release. 

As of today, AGROVOC counts up to 35,000 concepts and 660,000 terms in up to 30 languages covering topics related to food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment and other related domains. 

You can discover more about AGROVOC concepts, terms and their relationships -  by starting with searching and browsing in SKOSMOS.

The latest stable release of AGROVOC (Core & Linked Open Data) is available here

Below are some specific details featured in the new AGROVOC release: 



class skos:Concept


class skosxl:Label


LD Triples


LD Entities


LD distinctSubjects


LD distinctObjects


Further interesting facts about AGROVOC :  

Set of linksets in AGROVOC

LD Vocabularies, Thesaurus:

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA): Thesaurus (triples 1,783);  BioTechglossary (triples 793); DBPEDIA (triples 11,013), Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) (triples 398), DNB (triples 6,212), EUROVOC (triples : 1,269), GEMET (triples 1,185), GeoNames (triples 206), GeopoliticalOntology (triples 253), LCSH (triples 1,079), NALT (triples 13,704), RAMEAU (triples 671), STW Thesaurus for Economics (triples 1,125), Thesaurus for the Social Sciences  (TheSoz) (triples 827), Environmental Applications Reference Thesaurus (EARTh)  (triples 1,385), Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus (CAT) (triples 20,701), Il Nuovo soggettario of National Central Library of Florence  (BNCF) (triples 1,966), CABI Thesaurus (triples 38).

Taxonomic terms for plants

72,064  [Common name for plants : 8,547]

Taxonomic terms for bacteria

7,136   [Common name for bacteria : 29]

Taxonomic terms for animals

156,418  [Common name for animals : 4,682]

Taxonomic terms for viruses

5,130   [Common name for viruses : 53]

Taxonomic terms for fungi

17,944   [Common name for fungi : 145]

The AGROVOC Team would like to express its gratitude to :

All AGROVOC editors who contributed to this new release. 

* The ART: Artificial Intelligence Research group, that has taken over technical support for AGROVOC open web services software. 

* All AGROVOC users

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